Project concept

Linc Kesler, Karrmen Crey, Erin Hanson

Project Developers and Researchers

Erin Hanson, Karrmen Crey

Student Research Assistants & Contributors

Charlyn Cruz, Jessica Deutsch, Alice Huang, Vanessa LeBlanc, Angela Lee, Shoshanna Paul, Jessica Rosinski, Tanisha Salomons, Jordan Wilson.


Jie ie Baik, Tanya Bob, Alissa Cherry, Marvin Cohodas, Glen Coulthard, Heather Devine, Vicki George,  Douglas Harris, Edward J Hedican, Patrick Kelly, Linc Kesler, Jennifer Kramer, Sheryl Lightfoot, Doreen Manuel, Mary Jane McCallum, Thomas MacIlwraith, Bruce G Miller, John Milloy, Dory Nason, Rick Ouellet, Paige Raibmon,  Paulette Regan, Jessica Rosinski, Susan Roy, Dorothee Schreiber, Janice G.A.E. Switlo, Ruth Taylor, Jean Teillet, Christopher Walmsley, and Carol Williams.

Website Development

Arts ISIT coordination

Tim Wang


Andrew Wei (Arts ISIT)

Navigation System

Concept: Linc Kesler, Karrmen Crey

Visualization Tool: Nicolas Garcia Belmonte (

Customisations: Shaffiq Rahemtullah, ArtsISIT, UBC

  • Non directional to directional graph (main algorithm changes)
  • Graph Operations (zoom/rotation)
  • Administrative tools – create/edit/delete etc.
  • Categorization (node colouring)
  • Automatic node resizing (sizing reflects “importance”)
  • Integration with CMS (typo3)

CMS infrastructure

Shaffiq Rahemtullah, Sung Hwang


Funding for this project was provided by The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund through UBC Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost, and The Arts IT Fund through UBC Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology.  We thank these funds for their support for this project.

We would like to extend thanks to the following organizations for their support for the project:

The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

The British Columbia Assembly of First Nations

The Musqueam Indian Band

The First Nations Technology Council

The First Nations Summit